Monday, 14 June 2010

Frog to Prince?!

Hello my darlings,
How are we all?
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

So, a friend of mine said to me yesterday.. "Ilana, I always go for guys who aren't all that but feel I can change them. A lot of them are 'bad boys' as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but why do I want these kinds of guys?!"

I told her clearly she is looking for her prince but is kissing the frogs 'thinking' she will find her prince. This girl in particular likes to have control over her men. She likes to be the one in control in the relationship and make her men do everything for her. As ladies, we like to nurture, we like to help and give, its in our nature. Not such a massive issue all you girls may think! She thinks she can "fix" the issues that are wrong with the men she dates. Me personally, no thank you. I have enough issues and dramas that go on with my own life, why would I want to date the types of guys my friend goes for.. basically known as.. ASSHOLES!

So girls.. if you think they are a frog forget them.. It is not your job to convert an asshole into a prince!

Never try and change someone, you have to like/love people for who they are. You can always ask a partner to TRY and give up a habit you do not like or stop something but never change them. It NEVER works. Obviously in relationships you have to sacrifice things but Never and I repeat, NEVER try to change someone, because it will just backfire at you.

I hope this has helped you all who have thought about this issue and especially my friend who came to me with the problem.

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..xx

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  1. You can never change a person who does not want to change themself. It's not that people can not change but a question of if they want to change.

    It does make me wonder why some girls will go for the 'badboy' type, knowing what they are like then complain when they are let down yet make the same mistakes time and time again. So often the nice guys get overlooked, so is it a wonder why so many guys think changing to a meaner person is the way forward? So when there are less nice guys because of this, who are those girls to blame?