Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Durex - #TurnOffToTurnOn

Hey guys,
So, I was lucky enough to be sent an AMAZING package from Durex for their #TurnOffToTurnOn campaign for Earth Hour. This is basically a video to show people that when with your loved one, stop spending so much time on your phone, or Ipad or laptop etc and show your partner you care with a great love making session! (Obviously always using protection)
I loved the video. People, music, technology and a lead up to sex.. All things I love!
I do think it is so important in this day and age that we pay attention to our partner. We get so wrapped up with our work and day to day going on's that we forget to show the ones we love that we care.
Watch the video on YouTube here..
In the package I was sent was a variety of goodies that included:
A Vanilla scented candle
Mutual climax condoms
Embrace pleasure gel
Play O gel
Pleasure me condoms
Chocolate body paint
Pleasure touch
I have not had a chance to use all the products yet - but I did try the Mutual climax condoms. It says that it is supposed to slow the man down and the female will speed up due to the dots. I think my partner and I may have used it the wrong way because it sped him up (and he hates condoms) and I didn't feel any dots or ribs. Might need to test that again. I also find the smell of condoms gross. Durex, my darlings, next time please let me test nice smelling condoms. I want to have sex and smell vanilla, or strawberries and cream. That will make me orgasm in itself! I also used the Chocolate body paint, which was a lot of fun. Though it was messy and supposed to be romantic, this was not the case for us, it became sticky and we laughed so hard we fell onto each other in our sticky mess and ended up having a great session in the shower. We then went back to bed with the scented candle lit and had a lovely sleep :)
I am very excited to try out the rest of the products and cannot wait to tell you all about them! I have given my friends some condoms to test so will be back with another review in due course!
I really recommend Durex products especially lately with all these new things they have. If you want to spice things up with your partner, go look at Durex products. Get a nice candle and nice embrace pleasure oil and let me know how it goes ;)
Lots of love..
Little Miss V.. xx