Friday, 30 October 2009

Im In Saffa Land.. Howz IT!?

Hey Yall,
So, Im in South Africa!!
Where to start.... Well, currently im sittin in the study in my cousins house which rocks. It is stunning.
But lets go back...
So, My mum, sister, bestie Amy and my puppy Milo took me to the airport. My suitcase was wayyyy overweight but the lovely lady let it go, hand luggage on the pther hand she didn't and I had to remove items!
Said my goodbyes and got extremely emotioal and started crying. Then im standing waiting to have my bags checked and I realise I don't have my camera so I burst out crying. People were staring at me hard!
Went through, got a few bits and bobs then on board the flight. Now, I hate planes! I hate the smell, the feel, the look, the uncomfortableness, everything!
As I got on, I told an air stewardess I was not a good flyer and was by myself. Then, started crying again. Then an air steward called Paul came to talk to me and looked after me. He calmed me down with juice and wise words! He actually sat with me for take off aswel. So, by myself for a ten hour flight when you hate planes is not fun. I had a window seat, a girl called Nicola (who was so sweet) had the end seat and the middle was free!
My mum gave me some herbal sleeping pills but then didn't help me sleep. They relaxed me but made me uber emotional and I cried at everything. I watched the film "Up" and even cried watching that and its an animated pixar movie.
Had some dinner then managed to sleep on and off for two hours and watched two other films aswel. Virgin had a great collection. Finally, after 10 hours we landed and I couldn't have been more happy. I thanked all the staff who were so lovely to me, including Paul, a stewardess called Kate and a HOT steward called John. He was gay. GUTTED!
Got my luggage and came through to see my cousin waiting for me. Having a cigerette after 12 hours was amazing!
Came back to my cousins house which is stunnning and slept for a few hours. My cousins maid, Patience is so sweet she keeps wanting to do things for me which is weird. Im used to my mum begging me to get off my arse and do something!
Now blogging away then gonna unpack and go for dinner with the family..
Peace for now.. Miss u all..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, 26 October 2009

X Factor Madness!

Hi Friends!
So, I am very upset Miss Frank were booted off the X factor this week! I thought they were great and Graziella (the rapper) is cousins of a friend of mine, so I voted for them. They really do have talent and I hope they continue to perform together!
Danyl, seems to be a favourite of a lot of people so was surprising that he was also in the bottom two. Personally, I don't like him. The way he sings out of the side of his mouth annoys me, he is arrogant and his voice just is not for me. But don't get me wrong, I do not think he deserved to be in the bottom two.
How did Lloyd and the Jedward TWAT twins get through? I have to say, Lloyds performance wasn't too bad but the twins... OH MY! They are ridiculous! I can't tell the two apart but which ever one wore the red outfit on Saturday night, was completely out of time and had no rhythm and had to copy his twin in the bogey colour suit the WHOLE time. Who is actually voting for them!? Im assuming some sort of coke whore and mentally issued people.. Oh, and Peaches Geldof! They have no talent! Fine, they may be funny & entertaining, but this is the X Factor, a singing competition.. Not a "lets entertain the country" competition. Personally, I think its a fix! There is no way everyone in the UK is still voting for them.
They were getting so much bad press, the presenters were told to be EXTREMELY nice to them while on camera. So, if you watch closely, youll see Dermot on the live show big them up and Holly on Xtra Factor does too. Its ridiculous.
Any way, DO NOT vote for them!!
What was Rachel all about?! Her outfit was HOT but is it just me or was she trying to be like Stacey? With the dappy act going on!
I have to say, Stacey Soloman deffo has my vote. She rocks. Her personality is great and she can sing and she is just so down to earth. Her and Jamie Afro have my vote the whole way..

Any way, Have a great day peeps..

Loves Ya..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, 19 October 2009

What A Weekend!!

Hey guys,
So, I had an awesome weekend. Saturday, I finished my Threading course at college. Its so hard but I will keep practicing! Saturday night was my leaving drinks as im going to South Africa for 3 months. My sister & best friends Amy & Rich told me we were going for dinner but needed to pop home so as I walked in... SURPRISEEEEE.. my nearerst and dearest were in my living room waiting for me.. I was so shocked I kind of just stood there looking at my mum. My parents and sister rock! So awesome of them to do that for me and I also got some great gifts :-)
My friends and I then went on to Electric Ballroom in Camden. I was off my trolley to be honest. Was a very amusing night! When in the car on the way back to Amy & Richards I felt sooo sick and knew a hangover would be there in the morning! Thank god for Richard, he made me a fry up :-)
Sunday night I had a friends leaving drinks in our local pub! Everybody seems to be leaving England.. Maybe cos it is way too cold.

Any way, have a nice day..

Little Miss V.. xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gotta love a random!!

Morning Friends,
So, last night I had the most awesome and random night. I was sat at home, bored so called my friend Amy to tell her we are doing a random night which she was well up for. Picked her up then we picked up our friend Lindsay.
We drove up to Central London with a big sing a long going on. We parked up in Soho Square and as we did, a tramp jumped on the bonnett of my car and we were all screaming. Got out and met up with Curtis, my friend who is in the theatre production of Hairspray. We then walked down SoHo to a Rock'n'Roll club which on the internet, had great reviews. We walked in there and as we did, it felt like we had changed era and gone into the 50's. Couples were dancing and swinging. Women were wearing small cardigans and skirts and the guys had side partings. I felt like I was in the scene in Pearl Harbour or A League Of Their Own where they are in that kind of dance club. Amy and I attempted to dance but people actually laughed at us so we left.
Curtis then left us and went home whilst Linds, Amy and I walked down Tottenham Court Road. We then decided to just walk!
We then ended up getting persuaded into going to a kareoke bar. We went in, sang a song and left!
We then ended up at the Trocadero where we played games and went on bumper cars. I have never laughed so much in my life going round and round in a circle!
We then left and walked through China Town. As we were walking through, I saw a boy who was in my year at high school. My friends and I started talking to him and he had the cheek to ask me to give him £20 and I hadn't even seen the boy for like 5 years!!
As we were walking back to the car we went into a corner shop to get a drink. Amy then had a fight with the owner and through her drink of the floor and walked out!
As we got back into the car, Lindsay started screaming (again) which then set us all off. I quickly locked my doors and looked to see what was going on! There was a man, sat on the curb just looking at us through the windows. We screamed and he didn't move. He was sat Lindsay's side but wasn't there before as she got in the car there. We drove off then turned around and he was gone. Then, driving down an empty street, there was a bang on my car yet no one in sight. He was most certainly a ghost! (Well, thats what we think)
Anyway, had a shaken up drive home but got home safe and sound.
All in all was such an awesome night!

Loves ya..

Little Miss V..xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Mind Games!

Good Morning friends!
So, my friend tells me last night that she is confused. A guy she is seeing just keeps playing mind games and she doesn't know what to do!

In my opinion, I think games are silly. If you like someone, don't beat around the bush, just tell them! Playing games can sometimes lead the person on to get bored and they will just walk away. Don't get me wrong, some guys will fall at your feet the longer you hold it out and play with him but, don't play mind games.
I also think men play mind games with the girl they like because they feel emotionally insecure. A man will never admit that to you but it is obvious that even though they put on this tough exterior, guys can crumble just as easily as girls. Guys might play mind games just to tease their partner, others play these games to prove their superiority.

Be straight people, keep it simple and show your feelings!

Loves ya..

Little Miss V..xx

Monday, 12 October 2009

How I Love A Weekend!

Hey friends!
So, i had a great weekend!
Saturday day, i started my threading course. Not as in knitting but hair threading. It was so hard but was nice to learn and next Sat is my last day!
Saturday night I went clubbing to Vendome, in Mayfair. My friend Amy and I got rather boot legged and had great fun. We then went onto The Mayfair Bar. This was great fun for me as the bar is in the Mayfair Hotel where I used to work! Free Champagne rocks, thanks Rohan. My good friend Everson still works there and he told me he is getting married soon so I can't wait for that. There is a new guy there called Chris, who I must say is Gorgeous!! The girls there rocked too!!
Sunday was lazy day. spent most of my day in bed which was awesome.In the evening I went over to watch X factor with my best friend Richard and had such a laugh with him and Amy and Amir. Good times!
Its now Monday and back at work.. sucks!

Any way, till the next post..

Little Miss v xx

PS.. If your ever looking for a nice bar to hang out in, I highly recommend The Mayfair Bar.. They do the best Mojitos!! :-)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The upsetting thing of life..Death..

Hi friends,

So yesterday I was very sad. I had to attend the funeral of my friends mother. He is my age which must make things very hard. He acted very strong and I was so proud of him. If it was my mother (god forbid) I really don't know what i would do with myself!
He was very blessed to have so many people around him and comforting him. I think with death, the important thing is to get support from people you trust. Your family and friends all understand what you're dealing with, and will want to help. Exactly how you deal with it is down to you. Whether you want to talk about your feelings, reflect on your loss, or simply get out to take your mind off things, just do whatever feels right and makes you feel better.

If your friend has lost someone close to them, don't be scared to talk to them about how they feel, and to say that you are sorry for their loss. Let them know you're there for them if they want to sound off angrily, cry on your shoulder, or get out to do something to distract themselves for a while. Try not to avoid them unless they ask for some space, this may make them feel worse than they do already, and it's a time when they need to know who their friends are.

Hope this is some good advice for anyone grieving or has a friend that is..

Love Little Miss V.xx

Friday, 2 October 2009

From Radio to Red Carpet!

Good morning friends!
What a busy day i had yesterday! Worked til 1pm, then I joined my wonderful & talented sister on her radio station Westside FM. I co-presented with her and was so much fun. Could not believe how amazing and natural she really was on the radio, where as I sounded like a man!
Great times though!

After the radio we headed to Regent Street to Hamleys for the BBC Children in Need launch party. What a fun night. It all started by walking up a red carpet with paps papping away.. I honestly felt famous! We met up with Theo Gellatly, an awesome guy who is also the owner of BAM! Management. Theo was with one of his clients, Nadine. I absolutely love this girl. Her style reminded me of Billie Holliday and she really is such an awesome, down to earth girl. You can check out her music via myspace..

There were a lot of HOT guys there including the "Here come the Boys" chip'n'dale act.. I think i dribbled! Dotty from Eastenders was there with her little pigtails still in but I must say, she looked quite miserable. Anthony Costa, Mo from BB and some other Z listers were there. Apparently Cheryl Cole was due to turn up but I didnt see her. Met Pudsy bear too :-)

Great day all in all...

Love Little Miss V xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Your over him, but he wants you back.....

So, what happens when you finally get over your ex boyfriend, you've moved on and now he wants you back!?
This is one of the things will frustrate us girls more than anything. Its always the "what you want you can't have" scenario that make you want some one more.
Its happened to me. I was obsessed with a boyfriend for years after we broke up! Then, when I finally grew up and was over it, he was on me like a rash. Felt so good getting the power and doing things my way!

So now, its a problem for a friend of mine. She was with her boyfriend for a year, they broke up and now she has a new guy. Her ex has found out and has got in contact with her and told her he is still in love with her. She knows she will always love him but now she has her new guy, so, what to do?

In my opinion, an ex is an ex for a reason. There was clearly something not right there. One of you screwed up. I think the reason we always go back to an ex is because we are used to them. We know their ups and downs and flaws but we loved that about them.
My advice to my friend was to see how it goes with this guy, he could be her prince charming. She could leave him and go back to her ex but things could once again not work out and then she would have lost both men!

Good luck!!

Little Miss V xx