Thursday, 14 November 2013

What women really think when giving a blow job!

1) I hate this and I know my mouth is going to ache after, but fuck it, leggo!

2) Thank god his penis is clean and doesn't taste of sweat or cheese!

3) Why am I closing my eyes? Am I scared a pube is going to tickle my eyeball?

4) Forget the eyeball tickling, I have a pube stuck in my teeth. SHIT. Shall I keep it later to floss with? Ok I need to get it out my mouth without being too blatant.

5) Ok, now my own hair is in my mouth, I knew I should have tied it up. Should I ask him to grab my hair? Oh wait, I cannot talk, I have a mouth full of cock!

6) Ok, i'll move my hair and see if he got the hint. Great, he got the hint, grab it boy! Ouch, ok, I want my hair to stay on my head.

7) Oooooh new episode of Xfactor tomorrow. Must put a reminder on my phone to record it.

8) I am actually kind of enjoying this. Let me try and deep throat. GAG. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! I just basically choked on a dick.

9) Look up at him. Make sexy movements and look at him like you are a porn star. WHAT! His eyes are closed? Mate, I am giving you a porn star nosh and you are not even looking at me. Oh hello open eyes. Ye, you like that? Eyes shut again. Did he not like that? Ok wait, he is moaning now, ok, I think he liked it. Unless he didn't and like me, he is thinking other things. So I am trying to act like a sexy porn star but really he is thinking "Stop trying to be sexy you hippo and just keep sucking my dick!" Great.

10) Maybe I should involve his balls. They look a bit lonely. Ok, go for it, rub them. Yep, he likes that, that is deffo not a fake moan! Yeah you like itttt?? RARRRRRR. Did I just kind of roar on his dick? Now I want to laugh cos I amused myself but I cannot laugh due to having a mouth full of penis. Ok, remember to tell your friends later that you roared on his dick like a lion, they will laugh with you. Good idea. Oh and don't forget Xfactor!

11) Ok, I know you are enjoying this, but I kinda want to have sex. Are we gonna have sex? Ok, I will take that pushing of my head that you want to cum. Ok no cum in my mouth, how do I play this sexily? The porn star nosh effect didn't work. Ah, I know... the hand? the face? the tits? Hmmm, do I like you enough to let you give me a facial or pearl necklace? Naaaa you get the hand!

12) Yeah? your about to cum? Keep telling me so I know to remove my mouth so I do not have to swallow any of that disgusting, thick, gooey liquid.. OH YOU BASTARD.. NO WARNING!! Down the back of my throat some goes, and into the hand goes the rest...