Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Does penis size really matter?

A few years back I slept with this guy called Lee. Lee went to my school, was known and was hot! He would walk around like he was god’s gift and no one would ever say anything to him because he was just so.. HOT! I remember hearing girls say things like “wow he is so hot, I reckon he is amazing in bed!” Or I would see girls just stare at him, and his package. So you would think a guy like that would know what he was doing in the bedroom and also like the girls thought, be well endowed. 

This was far from the case. Lee and I slept together a few years after we finished school on a random, flirty rainy day. Thank god he had left the TV on in the background and Friends was on. Hearing Ross sing the ‘holiday armadillo’ song was far more entertaining than the way this guy was ‘giving’ it to me. Never in my life had I been so bored. I literally would rather have been Cinderella cleaning a palace floor. To make matters worse, the poor sod thought I was really enjoying myself due to my amazing ability to fake an orgasm.

Some people will say “it’s not about the size, it’s how you use it” but not only did Lee have the smallest cock god could have provided someone, he did not know how to use it either. 

What was worse was that Lee himself was a bit of a dick. So it's a shame that his personality was a bigger dick than his actual penis!  


We are in a generation where everything is supersized. Big meals, big cars, big jobs, big tits and bigger egos, it is hard to not think that bigger is better.
So I did some research and found out that the average erect size of the adult penis was between 5.5 inches and 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 inches and 5.1 inches in girth.

I asked my best friend Amy for her thoughts on whether penis size does matter or not and here is what she had to say..
‘From personal experience, size does in fact matter. The best sex I have had has always been with the “bigger guys.” That is just personal experience. Maybe it’s because  I like the feeling of all that girth inside of me or maybe it’s because I like the feeling of not being able to walk, sit or pee the next day or maybe it’s because I like the feeling of my stomach being poked with a whole salami. Whatever the reason, for me, long and thick does the trick!!
This may not be the case for everyone and in defence to all the amazing lays out there who are not so well endowed, the guys I have shagged with small dicks were totally crap in bed altogether! All that “it’s not the size it’s what u do with it” business, may in fact be true, but they were doing fuck all with the little that they had and in my opinion all the amazing foreplay in the world cannot make up for a right good rogering!!’

So, Do women like big penises? Not necessarily. Large penises don't equal an instant orgasm. In fact, penis sizes that skew large can deter women's orgasms. Says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the Men's Health "Sex Professor"
 "Women find it difficult to orgasm, and oral sex and hand stimulation are often more effective, as are vibrators," she says.  "It's not personal—it's just how some women's bodies work."

Now that is very true, a woman will not orgasm every time she has sex. Sometimes a guy will feel deflated when he has come before the girl has but boys, don’t take it to heart, it takes some of us longer than the 3 minutes it took you. 

In many surveys that have been done, 85% of women have said they are happy with their partners cock size. Listen, if you are with a partner for some time you learn the positions that suit you both to get you going. Obviously any girl that has a one night stand with a guy who was unable to satisfy her because his cock was not as big as she likes, will most certainly moan about it so do not take it to heart guys!

So here are some positions that can help you in the case of him being big or small.
If he’s a big boy, being on top puts you in control of penetration. Lie flat against his chest, sliding your legs together between his. You can grind against him at your own pace.
If he’s on the small side, get him to take you from behind. This will make him feel bigger and will allow for deeper thrusting action.
Girl on top positions ‘shorten’ the vagina. If he has a smaller penis, this is the best way to maximise his assets, therefore maximising your pleasure!

Girls, ever been with a small guy who gave it to you good? Boys, worried about your size? Get in touch, would love to hear some stories.. Email me - blogdoll21@gmail.com or tweet me @LittleMissVak ..

Lotsa love..
Little Miss V..x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Meet & Seat!

Have you ever been sat at the airport waiting to board your flight whilst wondering who you will be sat next to? Will you be next to the guy who's music is too loud or the mum with the cryng baby or the girl eating a tin of tuna or the hottest specimen of the earth?

Well, thanks to our dear friends at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, they have resolved this awful issue and you can now chose who you sit next to. Ah, the brilliant ways of technology these days. KLM have basically come up with "Meet and Seat" - even it's name sounds amazing!

So I suppose you are wondering..

What is Meet & Seat?

Meet & Seat lets you find out about interesting people who will be travelling on your KLM flight – and shows you where they will be sitting on board.
Simply log in to Manage my Booking (until 48 hours before departure) and connect with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Next you can see other passengers’ profile details and choose your seat of course.
Meet & Seat is available for bookings with 1 passenger, for all passengers on intercontinental KLM flights and for Business Class passengers on European KLM flights.

Get that? So instead of sitting next to the miserable old fart who moans everytime someone walks down the isle with a carry on hand suitcase, you could be sitting next to the love of your life. Forget Take me out or Blind Date, this could be dating at it's finest!!

If you have read my blog for some time you would have come across my post "Mile High" which was written on board an Easy Jet flight home from Spain. I was sat next to a Dane Cook look alike who made me tingle in places I did not know that could tingle. I could not have been luckier to have sat next to him and it was probably the best flight of my life. He was gorgeous and interesting and I was absolutely infactuated by him and had there have been more than two toilets on the whole plane, I would have been in there with him.. well, I can hope I would have been ;)
(Check this link to read that post - http://lovelifeeverythin.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/mile-high.html )

Look, in a way I do find a stalker side to this. We all know everyone loves a Facebook stalk so this makes it very easy to find hotties, or someone you like the look of, but Linked In could be a problem. This is the place where people can connect for jobs. So lets say you are in a certain field, lets say music, and you go to check in and see who you can sit next to ooooh and look at that, the CEO of Sony is on your flight, yep I will sit there! HA! Could you imagine!
I would love that, booking a flight then seeing the Editor of a big magazine is on the plane, obviously I would book my sit there and pester that person about my blog and obviously amazing writing ablities to try and plug a job! So in that sense I do see a strange side to it.

It would be funny if you just saw a bunch of oldies or mingers all sat together, you will just know that they did not attempt to use this amazing piece of technology!

I honestly do think it is the best idea I have heard of in a long time and think other airlines need to hop on board!
Stelios, you are slacking mate!!

I would like to thank my friend Dash for finding this amazing bit of information for me. My life changed for the better tonight!!

PS.. KLM, if you see this, I will be more than happy to test this Meet and Seat for you ;)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fetish and Fantasy!

Hey dolls,

I have just returned from Amsterdam where I had an awesome time! Whilst there, I was lucky enough to be invited to a "Fetish and Fantasy" shop called 'Smart' by the owner Danny. 
Once inside the shop I felt like I was in a different world. The 'sex' shops in Amsterdam are VERY different to the kinds we have in England, like Ann Summers. Yes you can buy fetish and bondage gear online but you will never find a shop with a selection like they have in Amsterdam. There is everything you read of in 50 Shades of Grey inside this shop, plus more.

I myself am not into BDSM. Don't get me wrong, I do like a good session with some handcuffs and a blindfold but I think that is as far as I would go. Clearly, I am Vanilla!
I asked Danny what the appeal to some people was and he replied "If no animals or children are involved then I do not care. BDSM is what it is and I let people get on with it. I would never sell sick things to sick headed people!" He also told me that he cannot force himself to read 50 Shades of Grey as it is house wife bullshit. I can imagine that after owning a shop like this, the goings on in 50 Shades is more like Sesame Street to him! 
When I asked what kind of people buy things from his shop he explained to me that every day is a different day. He said people from the Government to the gutter will come in as well as police men and womenand your average tourist.

Danny took me on a tour of the shop and some of the products and explained to me how some work (ones that I didn't know!)

Here are a selection of their whips which Danny told me they make themselves and they use real leather. Well, of course if you are being spanked you would want only the best quality material slapping your ass! I did try a few out and unfortunately I have to say that I am not one for whips. I have met people who love the feel of a whip slapping them but for me, it does nothing.

Nipple clamps can be used for either sex, male or female. They are attached to the nipples to create pain by restricting the blood flow when they are erect. Some people derive erotic pleasure from seeing nipple clamps applied. They are used in some BDSM activities, such as tit torture. Danny told me that him and his staff make these nipple clamps themselves! I am not someone who gets turned on by my nipples being played with so for me, these were not of interest.

The leather harness for the strap ons is once again made by Danny and his team. (What a talented bunch!)

 Lovely looking penis there..

I was a bit confused as to why a penis on a strap on was metal. Danny explained to me that the metal ones have what is called a "Vac-U-Lock" that goes on top. The top-rated Vac-U-Lock range of strap-on dildos and bedroom bondage accessories allows you to mix and match a huge variety of dildos, butt plugs and other sex toys.

Once again, Santa (aka Danny) and his little Elves (workers) make the handcuffs themselves. I am starting to wonder what goes on in their back room when making all this gear! I managed to try on a few different handcuffs here and was really impressed. All different types of fur and colours and leather.

After the basic items we came to the face masks. On the left you can see the 'gas mask.' This is used for sensory deprivation so for breath control games used at fetish parties. On the right you have the 'pony mask' so basically if you want to pretend you are a horse this is the mask for you. As you can see there is a part that goes across the mouth so you can really get into the role play and enjoy your horse and pony games. NEIGH for me!!

Now this is something personally I do not get. Why would someone want to wear a face mask or gimp mask? Ok, I understand the whole appeal of Dominance and Submission, and in some parts I really like the thought of it. For me, being in control is something I love and like I mentioned before I enjoy handcuffs and blindfolds but to go to an extreme of making someone wear an ash tray around their face, is this not a bit extreme? I did once watch an episode of Sexcetera where these ladies were talking about a 'smoking fetish' where men will pay for them to come and have sex with them and smoke at the same time, so I guess the ashtray gimp mask would come in handy. 
Calling someone your slave or bitch, I get, but a gimp?! Why would you then want to fuck a gimp? With this you are reducing the status of the person to a sexual toy and not a sexual partner. For me, sex is about enjoyment and pleasure, where is the pleasure in wearing a 'gimp' mask which is then zipped up so you can hardly breathe?! 
A toilet brush, around someones face. This one I would not mind buying, for Channing Tatum. He can come to my house, naked and wear one of these and clean. I think that is the only time one of these is acceptable!!

The toilet roll face mask, should I even bother to explain? I think you all get it by now and can use your imagination for that one. On the right you have the Dildo gag face mask. Please your partner in total silence! I know a few blokes I would make wear this, beats them 'attempting' to talk dirty to you.

Cock holders or cages as they can be know can be used alongside chastity belts which are sometimes used in BDSM play and in consensual relationships. They are a means for the wearer to surrender control over their sexual behavior either for sexual play, or as a long-term method of preventing infidelity or masturbation. They range from metal or plasticor even leather. These ones in the pictures as you can see have a lock and even handcuffs. The dominatrix will wear the key around her neck on a chain to tease her sub even more.

Here we have the 'teasing toys.' These ones are called 'pin wheels' and are used to seduce your partner and turn them on. If you read 50 shades, you will have read about these. Danny tried these on my hand and OMG I loved them. The pin prick feeling they give are amazing. I can imagine when on the naked body and over your sensitive parts, it must feel amazing. (Added to my shopping cart!)

Danny really went into depth about the items which was great. He liked to keep reminding me that there are a lot of sick and twisted people out there and that he doesn't consider his shop a "fun store!" 

I thought I was quite experiemental and my friends have always called me a 'filth bag' but after finding out about all these items in depth, I think I am quite 'vanilla!' 

Maybe someone can change my mind?! Hmmmmm..

If you have any questions or experiences with any of these toys I would LOVE to know so comment below or email me at blogdoll21@gmail.com or twitter @LittleMissVak of facebook - Facebook.com/LmissV :)

Lots of love,

Little Miss V..x