Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Mighty O!

Earlier this week I was passed an article named “The Vaginal Orgasm Does Not Exist!”
It amused me to read that as an opening title as earlier last week, my girls and I were discussing orgasms.  Then I had a think, how different are men and women when it comes to orgasms?

I decided to research into this subject further and what was the first thing I read? ‘Men have a higher sex drive than women, pushing them to orgasm more often.’ I mean, really? As if we didn’t know that. By the amount of dick pictures I receive and how often men whip them out, it is beyond me that some of them still have full time jobs.

Anyway, further into my research I found out that the average man thinks about sex 34 times a day while for a woman, it is only 9. Now we all know I am not your average kind of girl, so I probably do think about sex around that a day (or more) but 34?! How does someone think about sex 34 times a day? No wonder why men never remember anything, they have been too busy in the day thinking about sex and bashing one out at the toilet at work!

Back to orgasms though, it seems as though it can be quite similar for both sex in terms of sensation and duration. Women have described the sensations of orgasm as beginning with a sense of suspension, quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling that usually begins at the clitoris and spreads throughout the pelvis. The genitals are often described as becoming warm, electric or tingly, and these physical sensations usually spread through some portion of the body. Most women also feel muscle contractions in their vagina or lower pelvis, often described as "pelvic throbbing". Similarly, the male orgasm begins with a deep warmth or pressure that corresponds the point when ejaculation cannot be stopped. It is then felt as sharp, intensely pleasurable contractions involving the pelvic muscles, rectum and genitals. Finally, a warm rush of fluid or a shooting sensation is felt whilst semen is ejaculated.

The reason the article I was shown wrote that the vaginal orgasm doesn’t exist is because it has come to show that like I mentioned above, it is the clitoris that holds the key to female pleasure. Don’t know about all you ladies out there, but I am sure I can vouch for most females that when they have had an orgasm it is because the correct female erectile organs were effectively stimulated.

Well, you would know unless you have been hooking up with those guys who finger you as if they are stuffing a turkey, basically seeing how many fingers he can get up there without even paying any attention to the clit, the part that gets us going. Guys, remember, if you want to treat the vagina like a turkey, don’t forget the giblet!

To make you aware, you can release fluid (cum) without having an orgasm. Men, ever felt like you were going to cum and you reached that point and then released and nothing came out? Well congratulations, you had an orgasm without cum. It happens! Ladies, if you thought it was just you that doesn’t orgasm often, don’t worry, most women don’t orgasm every time they have sex. Yes we can cum often, but to have a mind blown, out of this world, blackout kind of orgasm is rare. Probably because men don’t know to stimulate the clit!!

If you are in a relationship, you would have learnt what gets you going and what brings you to the point of exhilaration. If not, try a friction position. This may help you have an orgasm during sex. Get on top, for example, so the top of your clit is rubbing directly on your partner’s pubic bone. Let your partner know when he’s on the right track, either by telling him what feels great or by moaning.

Ladies, you can’t talk the talk if you don’t know what turns you on. To train your body to be orgasmic, you have to masturbate! It’s the best way to learn what you will like. If you need some help in the form of a battery operated friend for some alone time, I highly recommend Vibrator Kingdom. They have products like no other site I have come across.

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If you have any comments on this subject I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ps.. Ladies, don’t forget to do your kegel exercises!

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