Monday, 20 September 2010

Prostitute Central!

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Today's blog is a bit different. Hope you all don't mind!

So, the biggest thing on the news and in all the papers lately are about prostitutes. First we find that Peter Crouch has cheated on his STUNNING girlfriend Abbey Clancy by sleeping with a hooker. So not only did he cheat on his girlfriend and sleep with some one else, he had to pay for it. How desperate do you have to be?

Two weeks later, Wayne Rooney sends his wife Coleen a text message warning her about a story coming out. The story being him cheating on her whilst she was pregnant with his baby. Not only did he cheat once, but he paid a hooker and her best friend for sex.

What happened to the days we picked up a newspaper to read about the actual football headlines? All we get now is the footballers in a club fight, their club bill or their infidelity!

What goes through these idiots heads? They have more money than sense! They have the most amazing and gorgeous women at home, yet they go and pay for sex. It is disgusting. The worst thing is that these women take them back. Abbey Clancey is now pregnant with Peter Crouchs baby and could not be happier! Darling, reality check, your baby may be chlamydia infested!

The latest prostitute on the scene is 19 year old Chloe Victoria (hooker name Candy). Chloe appeared on the X factor on Saturday looking what I can describe as only "A mess!" She had hair extensions even Chantelle Houghton would have been disgusted of four years ago! Her cropped over bra top did not cover her bra, she drew on two beauty spots and had stained hands from her fake tan. I feel embarrased for her! It came out in the news that she was a prostitute. Simon Cowell was informed and warned that she should not be in the competition. Simon's reply "That is exactly why she should be in the competition, for a chance!"
I do completely agree with Simon on that. So, he puts her through to bootcamp where she is put up in the bootcamp hotel and what does she do? She leaves her room in the middle of the night to tout for sex. Is she mad? She has been given the chance of a lifetime, to make her life better for herself and her baby and she goes back to her old ways! Simon Cowell had no other choice but to throw her out the competition and rightly so!

Now, Chloe is in even more trouble as her ex boyfriend and baby daddy who is 21, is filing for full custody of their baby. Once he presented her with court files, she fled with the baby!

Do girls not have any self respect any more? It actually disgusts me when i see all these stories! So, here is a message to all the girls out there... Respect yourself.. Once you respect yourself, everyone else will respect you!

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  1. You are so right! But it's not just the girls that should have more respect for themselves, they guys should too....or is that toooo much to ask, I wonder? Love the blog.

  2. It is a disgrace. Many times the lads have said they would pay for me to go with a prostitute, I have refused.

  3. If you want decent news why don't you read a decent paper instead of the rags?

  4. I agree!!! Read a proper newspaper! Not that rubbish.