Friday, 24 September 2010

RIP Big Brother..

Hey Dolls,

How are we all? I hope keeping well. I am currently so tired. Sitting on my bed listening to the GLEE soundtrack whilst writing!

Last night I went to the Big Brother final wrap party which was a big party at Embassy nightclub in London for fans of Big Brother who could buy tickets and ALL BB housemates EVER.. Well, this was clearly not the case due to major lack of housemates. It was more of a BB11 party with Shabby, Corin, Jo, JJ, Govan, Andrew, Mario, Nathan, Sam Pepper and Sunshine in attendance. Others there were Greek Gerry, Katreya, Lad Sov, Victor, Nasty Nick, Jade Goodys mum, Angel, Bex, Darnell, Hira, Beinazir, Rex, Alex (Remember I told you! ye, her) and a few other randoms. Big brother was on for ten years. Where was PJ? Or Spencer. I would have loved to have seen Helen or even Bubble. I was sad that Chantelle and Preston were not there, or Nikki and Brian. Even DJ Talent was there and he wasn't even a housemate, just an attention seeking fame idiot!

So, I guess you all want to hear some gossip from the party right? Ok, here we go!

The biggest shock I got, was Corin and JJ having a good ol snog. I think JJ is a really nice guy, as for Corin, I am not so keen. She was a drunken mess last night and I overheard her being a bit rude towards some girls. All they wanted was a picture.

I have to say I love Gerry. He is like the big friendly Greek giant. He wears some odd clothing but I don't think he cares. I do think he cared about a certain young boy that was there though! Andrew is too cute. He seems like such a gentleman and is loving all the female attention he is getting. I didn't see much of Shabby, I heard she was swearing at the paparazzi most of the night.

I absolutely adore Nathan. He is such a funny guy and really down to earth. He says what he feels and thats fine. He is so sweet as well, he brought his Aunt along with him to the party. I went up with my friend Mel and we picked up my darling friend Govan and his friend Roma, who was absolutely divine, from St Pancras station. In towe with him also was Sunshine. From the minute she got in my car she was moaning. If you don't like it love, get a taxi! From then on, she was miserable all nigh. Apparently Corin had a go at her because she accidentally spilt drink on her and then Sam Pepper was shouting at her. I get the feeling Sunshine is not really liked by many of the housemates and she seems like a bit of an outcast. Like I said last time, I love Victor, he is lovely and always happy to take pictures with his adoring fans!

Talking of fans, flippin heck! It is mad how many people are obsessed with these Big brother stars. At the end of the day, they are only normal people but ones that were watched by millions on a reality show. I was sat in the VIP section with Govan, Mel and Roma. To get into VIP you needed to have a wristband (which were given out by Billi Bhatti - who to be honest loves himself and left his cards all around the club.) Whilst sitting having a drink, these adoring fans were all pushing past trying to get pictures and trying to climb over the barrier seperating the VIP area from the dancefloor. It got so mad, the bouncer got annoyed and I think he gave up.

Lady Sov and Sam Pepper looked very close but apparently they have become good friends. I think I would rather befriend a donkey on steroids. Sam is not my cup of tea. He was nice when I originally met him at a charity event but now he has got a bit big for his boots and thinks the world of himself.

The best part of my night was dancing with my friend Mel and a group of gay guys. We were all singing and dancing hard! Was great. Oh, another great part was seeing Leigh Francis. I was shocked to actually see somebody "famous." I shouted "ehhhhh Keith Lemon you legend" in his face! He actually laughed and did not care.

To be honest, you are probably thinking, "is that it?" Well, yes. Not much really happened. I am happy I went because I had fun and met some nice people and got to party with Govan and Mel. As for Big Brother housemates, thats it. They will now go back to their normal lives as will we! I will miss Big brother being on TV because I love watching it. Apparently Channel 5 are trying to buy it, and if they do, I will deffiantely audition!

For now dolls, that is it. Have a great weekend to you all. I am going to be partying tomorrow night at China White for a friends birthday. We have a table and a lot of free vodka.. Don't mind that.

Lotsa love...

Little Miss V..x


  1. your blogs! They are 'histezzical'! Number 1 fan xoxo

  2. It's funny you say how funny it is how other people are 'obsessed' by people reality TV as you put it and yet here you are talking about them and meeting up with them all yourself.

    Nathan didn't give me a very good impression with how he was in the BB house, he was very rude at times there.

    And I wouldn't mind if Sunshine didn't make friends with SOME of those who were in the house with her as several of them treated her quite badly in there. She is obviously well enough liked outside the house as her number of twitter followers would show.

  3. Thank you for your opinion starry and all opinions welcome. I can't say I am obsessed by them. I went with Govan as he was already my friend.He then introduced me to his friends. The reason for most of the pictures are for my followers on twitter as they were saddened by not going to the party so asked me to fill them in and take pics. I mean obsessed as in by people yanking the housemates by their arms and hair. I did not go in to that on my blog and I won't now either.
    As for Nathan, he is actually a top bloke. He was shown in a bad light in the house. Im not sure if you are aware but there are a lot of producers that work on the show and show certain bits of certain people. This happened to Nathan and Govan. If you were to meet them, you would change your mind instantly.
    As for Sunshine, I can assure you not many of the housemates are fond of her. She walks around with her head up her arse and that is why people do not like her. Unless you have met her or seen her out I do not think you can comment by what you were shown on TV!

    Thank you though x

  4. Very nice read, thank you. I found it rather the same as you, so I enjoyed your blog and agree with it.

  5. People who write blogs can write what they want. If you dont like it, dont read it! If you people who are moaning about it dont like it, you can go and write a blog about little miss v but dont go annoying her on here coz I like her blogs and you're annoying me.
    Unless any of you commenting actually met these housemates then you cant comment really can you? She met them so she is entitled to give her opinion is she not?? If Sunshine was moody, so what? Miss V is allowed to say 'Sunshine was moody'! Just like shes allowed to say that Nathan is a top bloke if thats what she thinks! Now go away annoying little people and find something better to do. If you dont like the blogs, like I said, run along.

  6. is the poster Anonymous (above at 10.04) a teenage child? Since when have comments on a blog had to agree with the blogger!

  7. I watched live stream so I could get a better opinion than those who just watched the HLs. I didn't actually mention Govan before. Anyway his bitching annoyed me in the first week (as did Ben's actually) but I thought by the second week he was a better HM. And watching the live stream I could see that beneath some of the extrovert exterior of Sunshine can be quite a sensitive caring person.

    It took a while for some HMs to get to know Sunshine in the house so maybe it could be the same for you outside the house. While I don't know Sunshine in person it's arguable that you don't really either. You've only seen her once and are calling her a 'twat' on twitter. Just because you think she was moody at that time is there any need for that? And she does have some friends among HMs, such as Govan, Rachael, Andrew, Dave and no doubt others.

  8. And most HMs will just go their separate ways after leaving the house, that is quite normal. For one thing they often live in different areas of the country. Also in the house they put many different kinds of personality together to create conflict, so people mix who wouldn't normally in real life anyway.

  9. Is it true then that your car didn't have a working seatbelt buckle that night? As a trainee doctor, Sunshine would no doubt have been concerned about that. And Govan doesn't exactly seem to be taking your side in this either. Plus your friend Tezza was baiting Shabby the other day, so it seems you two may be a couple of trolls trying to get attention by slagging off certain BB HMs

  10. my seatbelt buckle worked just fine, but she could not see it as she was wearing ridiculously long eyelashes and black contact lenses!