Thursday, 14 October 2010

Make or Break?!

Hey Dolls,

How are we? Well I hope.

So, I was speaking to a friend of mine earlier as she called me crying. I was deeply worried about her until she explained her reason for crying, all over a guy she is dating. "He came over last night randomly and I was in my pajamas with no make up on. He sat next to me, smiled and told me I looked beautiful!!"
My response, "Ok babe, so why on earth are you crying?!" Her response, "I don't know whether he means it or he is lying!"

You see, as girls, of course we get paranoid when it comes to men. To be honest, apart from make up, hair and shoes, men worry us the most. When it comes to a situation like this, how can you know if a man is being genuine or is lying?

Why would they lie? Well, in my opinion, and this is after going through and meeting a fair share of guys in my time, I have known quite a lot to lie. This may be if they have other things going on, E.G another woman or if they just want to get in your knickers.
Why would they tell the truth? Well, maybe they really like you. Maybe there are decent, genuine guys out there who do not just want to get into your knickers.

I was quite interested in this so I asked 10 girl friends for their opinion.
I asked the simple question.. "If a man tells you that you are beautiful with no make up on when you are just lounging around is he lying or is he a keeper?"
5 girls said keeper, 5 said lying. Here I was, thinking I would get that one answered, but it was a tie. So I asked 5 guys. Complete mixed reviews. A great response from one boy friend of mine was great. he said "To be honest, if she was ugly, why would I want to get her into bed in the first place?" WOW! Honesty from a guy! Brilliance!

After thinking about it, I guess it really just depends on the guy. For instance, the guy my friend is dating, I have met. He is lovely! (I asked him if he had a brother, he said no, boo hoo!) He comes from a nice family and is a sweety guy and I think he genuinely likes my friend. I told her she must keep him. If on the other hand, he was a bit of an idiot then yes, I may have told her to break it off.

So have I just proven something? Can men be decent?! Wow! Only kidding, I know my fair share of really decent guys. I guess for some girls, it isn't everyday a guy tells them they are beautiful and especially without make up.

So, girls.. Remember, always believe in yourself and know you are beautiful, inside and out. If you believe it, you will give off an aura no man can deny!

I would love to hear your opinions on this.. remember you can email me at or on twitter @IlanaVak..

Lotsa love,

Little Miss V..xx


  1. awww, thats really good babe xxx

  2. i think that most the time its the little self beleif we have in ourselves, because of previous relationships we are automatically putting a negative slant on something that should really be enjoyed!! if he is an arse he will be one wether or not you are hot with or without makeup.. just enjoy everything while it lasts but dont be too naive .. its important to find your balance... if your happy within yourself truth is their opinions is irrelevent

  3. This is a great observation and an interesting topic for debate. My first thought might be to wonder whether he was making a veiled comment that he didn't like the way I wore my make up - so I agree with the previous poster...we need to have a little more self-belief and confidence. Love the blog - give us more!

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