Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Old enough to be his mother!

Hey dolls,

Hope you are all keeping well. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who reads my blogs and is very supportive and to everyone on twitter who re tweets my blogs to people around the world!

Any way, todays blog is about a programme I watched on TV last night that has damaged my soul a bit. It was called "old enough to be his mother." This programme was all about young men who are with older ladies. Now, I am 22 and even I have had a toy boy (quite recently actually) and yes it is fun, but how is that life?

In the show we met Edna and Simon. Edna is 71 and Simon is 31. A nice BIG 40 year age gap. What goes through the mind of a young man and makes him think, "hmm, she is so beautiful i wish she was mine." Does this happen? Surely that is not normal. You are a 31 year old man. She is grey and wrinkly. In the show it showed them having a shower together. This was something I was not keen to see but only reason he was in there with her was to hold her up!
Don't get me wrong people, I am all for people finding love and their soulmates but can a woman born in the 1930's really have so much in common with a man born in the 70's? To anyone who watched the show, you would have seen that Simon is an organ player in church. He smiles and plays with the kids according to Edna. To me, that is a bit freaky, especially as Simon to be honest, does not look all there. Simons words "I was a virgin until I met Edna at 30. She made my life complete. Before meeting Edna, I wanted to end my life. My life was not worth living." Now I heard that and yes, I did feel sad for the guy, but what is it that Edna has that a woman of your own age doesn't? Saggyness? Maybe that is Simon's fetish. He is into wrinkles and sag. Amen to that. Everyone to their own hey!
I do wish Simon and Edna all the happiness in the maybe 5-10 years left of their life together.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please leave me comments or email me at or add me on twitter @ilanavak

Lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx

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