Monday, 22 November 2010

I'm NOT a Celeb Get me outta here!!

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I have been lacking in blogs.. I have been uber busy!

Im gonna get straight to the points in TV that everyone has been talking about!

First off, lets start with The fiX Factor.. So, last week, my one true love, Aiden Grimshaw, was booted off the show. So, X factor producers, if we thought it was a fix with TreyC leaving, what do you think we make of this one? I mean, for real?! He was one of the best singers in the show and now he is out. I hate when people say "well if you liked them, you should have voted!" I will make you aware, I did vote for Aiden actually!

During the past week, the tensions in the X factor house were high. Matt (who was best mates with Aiden) had a screaming contest with Wagner (the pirate as I like to call him) stating that he is a joke and cannot sing and should not be there. Then it emerged that Louis from One Direction also had a fight with the Pirate and told him he could not sing and it was not fair. Wagner then tried to have a sing off with Louis who told him to get lost. The arguing got so bad, Wagner was moved to a hotel in Borehamwood which is 5 minutes from where the contestants house is. In my opinion, if the producers fix it, get Wagner out. He is causing tensions between the judges and housemates and the whole of the UK is in outrage!
I have seen groups on Facebook saying vote for Wagner as it is all a fix and people want him to win just like they made groups for Rage against Music last year who recieved the Christmas no1! To the people who make these groups, BORE OFF! You are pathetic and childish. The more you vote for this Pirate, the less chance it gives a contestant who can really sing, a chance of winning.

As for this weeks X factor.. BEATLES WEEK! I love the Beatles so was really happy and excited to be hearing their music. Matt, once again performed incredibly. I was dissappointed in Rebecca to be honest as her song was so predictable and she sounded the same as every week. I think Cher did a great performance as did One Direction. The others made me bored to be honest. I was so shocked to see Katie's new hair do. Who does she think she is, Emma Watson? Unfortunately, Katie has a face like a witch. She has a pointy chin and an annoying mouth. With a hair cut like this, it draws more attention to that horrific sight and now she looks more like Frodo! Also, whilst on the subject of Katie, all I can say is HAHA! I'm sorry but imagine waking up one day to find out that your 80 year old nan is a HOOKER! Not only has Katie been terrorised, sent death threats and had her hair chopped off, she now found out her favourite nan, nanny Vogel is a prozzie! I read the article and just laughed. Shame.

On to the results this week. Cher in the bottom two? I understand Paije being there. He was not able to reach his full potential. Had he been on American Idol, they would have notice his voice to be similar to the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder etc yet here in London, he was given the most ridiculous song choices which did nothing for him. Dannii Minogue, you lose a point love! He did well in the sing off though yet Cher was bound to stay in. Her save me song was great and she has a lot of talent and a lot to give. When Dermot asked Paije why he thought he was leaving, Paije replied "I think it is because I don't have a lot of followers!" To which the audience booed and shouted you do and one audience member shouted "Blame Louis!" Obviously for choosing the Pirate! Oh well, another one bites the dust.

So, what else have we all been watching? Yes, you guessed it. Im a celebrity. This programme makes me laugh. Mainly down to the pure face that half of them are hardly celebrities or even known. I love how Aggro Santos went in. He has had one massive tune and he is straight in there. I like him. I also LOVE Stacey Soloman. She is just too funny and cracks me up. The one person the nation cannot stop talking about is Quasimodo aka Gilian McKeith. She has a phobia of spiders and hates creepy crawlies. Hmmm, ok, so.. WHAT THE FLIPPIN HECK ARE YOU DOING IN A JUNGLE YOU NUTTER?! She has fainted three times and the latest one was last night during a LIVE showing. It was television at its best. So Linford Christie did the task and what a legend. He got 12 stars out of 13 and did that task like a trooper!
Newest news on the show is that Nigel Havers has quit. It was after he told he was going to get electrcuted in a task - which was hysterical! I like Kayla a lot. She seems really sweet and genuine and according to newspapers, she turned to play boy modelling to rebel against her strict Christian upbringing. Wow, way to rebel hey!
I was most happy when Alison came into the Jungle. She is big, loud and too funny. I think the camp will do well having her there. By the way, does anyone know who that Shaun dude is? Apparently he is a music legend but I do not know a thing about him!

Well, I think that is enough input from me but I would love to hear your thoughts and views. Please leave comments below!

Lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx


  1. and do they not understand that voting for him is still putting money into simon's pocket

  2. TV is a joke today!

    X factor contestants think they are celebrities without having achieved anything in life. It doesn't help that the show makes them think they are.

    I'm a celeb, is the biggest farce, it's bad enough that your average person tries to crave celeb culture and lifestyle but when 'celebs' (gosh i use that term so loosely) try to reignite their status it's a joke.

    If the x factor is truly about singing and talent then matt cardle will win it. Potentially one direction (who will have a career like jls regardless of whether they win); or Cher should win it. The most vocally perfect is rebecca but she is stupidly boring and can only sing dour downbeat songs that make you want to fall asleep, she has no place in the current pop market, she has a place in another vocal market though, but she can't actually perform on a stage, she can't dance, she never puts on a 'show'....she isn't the full package, she's just a voice.

    X Factor isn't fixed, in the same way RATM got the xmas number one last year, Wagner could well go on to win the x factor...not a fix, just people in the UK bored of the stupid reality tv culture and kicking it back in it's face

  3. The age of reality TV is over i'm afraid. People are bored of it.

    Also yes katie looked horrific and yes rumours about her family but shame you failed to praise her for a very good performance. I'm not her biggest fan but failure to praise puts you in the same category as those who have this irrational hatred for her (usually because she's a jew from a good upbringing...the hate towards her makes little sense to me). I'm not a fan but she was outstanding on sat night, just felt seeing as you were reviewing it all you should've praised her a bit...won't hurt.

  4. Doron, I did not praise her because i do not like her. She is fake and i dont think she can sing well at all. Not my cup of tea. And to Anonymous - great feedback thank you!

  5. Fair enough, she did sing well on sat night though.