Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey Dolls!

How are we?
Happy new year :)

How fast did 2010 go?!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Mine started on Christmas Eve Eve with my girls, every year we do a Secret Santa dinner. This year was at Abi's house and everyone made a dish. There was lasagne, salads, quiche, pasta bake and lots more. There was also lots of nosh, wine and an amazing apple crumble made by Jessie! We ate and then exchanged gifts. It was so nice seeing everyones face light up and try to guess who got them their present. My friends know me too well and my dirty mind! I was given a "Sex Copuon Booklet," a naughty card game and a massive mug perfect for a hangover (which came in handy cmas day!) Christmas Eve was spent partying with friends at Oceana, we go every year, its like a ritual! It was a very fun and drunken evening which lead me to my bed at 3 in the morning. I woke up at 10am to open presents with the family. I did so well this year :)
I got silk pjs, an awesome bag, 2 perfumes, new black uggs, leather boots, a dvd and some other bits and bobs. My sister bought me this gorgeous diary/notepad as she knows I love to write. I need to get stuck in! We had a big Christmas lunch at home, followed by a bigger desert, Articulate and then Love Actually. Me and my sister watch it together every year, it is our favourite Christmas movie. I also watched Home Alone 1 and 2, has to be done.
Boxing day was spent in bed and then partied in the night. Bank holiday Monday was spent with friends then partied again. Tuesday was spent in bed attempting to cure the past few days hangover!

Next thing I knew, it was Friday again and New Years Eve! I could not believe how quick that week had gone. I prefer a big party Xmas eve and a chill New Years Eve, but this year, one of my best friends Alison had a house party. She went to a lot of trouble getting food and nosh and it was all set out lovely. Her cousin and my friend Barker, is the balloon boy. He bought over lots of balloons including 2011 balloon which was massive! There was a lot of alcohol and all my closest friends were there. It was a great and drunken eve. 3am came and everybody started leaving and Ali and I got into bed. We were awoken at 9am by Barker cleaning the whole house (which was great as Ali and I did not have to do it!) The day was spent lying in bed and watching TV. I was hungover all day but then thought, its Saturday night, I want to go out. So I did just that.

I went with my friends Roxy, Gemma and Stefan to this divine restaurant called Levant which is just off Wigmore Street in Central London. The restaurant is Moroccon/Lebanese. Its 30pounds ahead and you really get your moneys worth. Its a set menu and I opted for the Vegetarian one. First they bring you pitta bread and humous and an aubergine dip and some others. Then your starter, mine included falafel and some other divine tasties. Thenw as main meal, by this point I couldn't eat any more! Mine was an aubergine, broad bean and cheese dish served with cous cous and salad. Then was desert which was baclava, fruit, turkish delights and Mint tea. Whilst you are eating they play Moroccon music and if you get there early, they have belly dancers! I reccomend anyone to try it out. Yummy!

Now, it is back to work for me. We have just re branded our product so lots of work to do!

If you have anything you would like me to write about, please tweet me @IlanaVak or email

until next time.. lotsa love..

Little Miss V..xx


  1. Sounds like you had a great xmas/new year I look forward to reading your blogs this year xx


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