Friday, 25 March 2011

Online Dating!

Hey dolls,

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the sun!

I thought I would tell you all about my latest experience in life, and that is with Internet Dating!
I will be honest with you, I have never been one for internet dating, but a friend of mine and myself decided we would test it for a month.
So we paid our first month subscription and off we went.

Half me really wishes I did not waste 20 pounds to join a dating website. Not because it makes me seem desperate (which till now I am not entirely sure) but because half of the guys on this site are just beyond horrific! Some of them I know and some are nice but some I see and wish that 20 pounds would have gone towards a new handbag!

Obviously, as it is over a computer, the first thing you do look at are their pictures. You can look at profiles and their description may be the exact guy you are looking for in life, but you look at their picture and it just does not work! This may seem shallow, but that is life. I am sure guys have looked at my profile and said "what a dog" and moved on to the next. There are those who start messaging you just asking for sex, which really amuses me. If you want sex, go to a pub or bar and find a drunk girl. Do not ask a cold sober me sitting in my pjs with a bowl of Ben and Jerrys if I would like to meet you for sex. WRONGUN!

A lot of guys you would never look at twice in the street do get in touch. There is one guy who I found out actually lives a 2 minute walk from me. He was so sweet and really tried to get to know me and was lovely, I just knew it would not work. I am the kind of girl to give everyone a chance though. If you start chatting to me, I will chat back, mainly because I would not want to hurt anyones feelings. The harsh thing is when they keep on talking and you are not on it and have to say "I am really sorry but I don't think this will work!" CRINGE!

I got speaking with one guy, was really nice, was not 100% keen but when he asked me on a date, I thought why not and went. He took me to dinner (i say took, I drive myself and met him there) to a lovely restaurant. Conversation was flowing but I could not pay attention. His stories were boring and kept trying to make me laugh. Lets not forget, I am the biggest laugh and like a joke, but this dude was trying too hard and I had to fake laugh, which in turn made me laugh for real which lead to the start of a laughing fit. Dinner finished and he even wanted to stay for desert, I mentioned getting the bill. He paid, I said bye and up and left. I think he got the hint and did not ask me on a second date.

A few other friends of mine are on this same website and have told me funny stories about dates they have been on. For eexample, during *Charlottes date (which she thought was going well) the guy said he had a sore tummy and did not feel well and the date ended. The funny thing was that she did not want to go but he begged her to meet him and then he boshed her off with a LAME excuse. Another friend *Rebecca met up with a guy who said to her "you look much skinnier in your pictures!" She was mortified. Can you imagine!!!

It has been quite funny being on the site. I get home from a night at the pub, log on at 11pm and so many guys are on and trying to chat. So I didnt meet anyone nice to chat to in the pub, but I get home and have a lovely conversation with Joe1900 who's life story I now know. I find it amusing that over a computer, people do not mind to tell you their deepest secrets and stories.

So, for now online dating has been a laugh, but put it this way, I shant be extending my subscription!

I would love to know if any of you have any internet dating stories.. tweet me @LittleMissVak or email

Have a great weekend!

Little Miss V..xx


  1. I have tried this online dating and I met lots of people, few of them became my good friends. It's really fun and exciting to date online but you gotta be cautious and open-minded at the same time.

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