Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Meet & Seat!

Have you ever been sat at the airport waiting to board your flight whilst wondering who you will be sat next to? Will you be next to the guy who's music is too loud or the mum with the cryng baby or the girl eating a tin of tuna or the hottest specimen of the earth?

Well, thanks to our dear friends at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, they have resolved this awful issue and you can now chose who you sit next to. Ah, the brilliant ways of technology these days. KLM have basically come up with "Meet and Seat" - even it's name sounds amazing!

So I suppose you are wondering..

What is Meet & Seat?

Meet & Seat lets you find out about interesting people who will be travelling on your KLM flight – and shows you where they will be sitting on board.
Simply log in to Manage my Booking (until 48 hours before departure) and connect with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Next you can see other passengers’ profile details and choose your seat of course.
Meet & Seat is available for bookings with 1 passenger, for all passengers on intercontinental KLM flights and for Business Class passengers on European KLM flights.

Get that? So instead of sitting next to the miserable old fart who moans everytime someone walks down the isle with a carry on hand suitcase, you could be sitting next to the love of your life. Forget Take me out or Blind Date, this could be dating at it's finest!!

If you have read my blog for some time you would have come across my post "Mile High" which was written on board an Easy Jet flight home from Spain. I was sat next to a Dane Cook look alike who made me tingle in places I did not know that could tingle. I could not have been luckier to have sat next to him and it was probably the best flight of my life. He was gorgeous and interesting and I was absolutely infactuated by him and had there have been more than two toilets on the whole plane, I would have been in there with him.. well, I can hope I would have been ;)
(Check this link to read that post - http://lovelifeeverythin.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/mile-high.html )

Look, in a way I do find a stalker side to this. We all know everyone loves a Facebook stalk so this makes it very easy to find hotties, or someone you like the look of, but Linked In could be a problem. This is the place where people can connect for jobs. So lets say you are in a certain field, lets say music, and you go to check in and see who you can sit next to ooooh and look at that, the CEO of Sony is on your flight, yep I will sit there! HA! Could you imagine!
I would love that, booking a flight then seeing the Editor of a big magazine is on the plane, obviously I would book my sit there and pester that person about my blog and obviously amazing writing ablities to try and plug a job! So in that sense I do see a strange side to it.

It would be funny if you just saw a bunch of oldies or mingers all sat together, you will just know that they did not attempt to use this amazing piece of technology!

I honestly do think it is the best idea I have heard of in a long time and think other airlines need to hop on board!
Stelios, you are slacking mate!!

I would like to thank my friend Dash for finding this amazing bit of information for me. My life changed for the better tonight!!

PS.. KLM, if you see this, I will be more than happy to test this Meet and Seat for you ;)

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