Monday, 18 February 2013

Massage with a happy ending?!

When I was 18 I qualified as a Beauty Therapist. Straight away I went to work in the Mayfair Spa within the beautiful Mayfair Hotel. I absolutely loved it there until I had to resign due to nerve damage in my arm and neck. 

Whilst working there I had a few, lets call them 'encounters' with clients. 
I had been working at the spa for only a month when I had my first experience of a vile, trashy "is this a brothel?" kind of man. Let's call him 'Clive.' I was massaging him and all was going well until he turned over and had a massive boner. Now, guys reading this will know that it is very normal. Sometimes you cannot help me turned on when a woman is rubbing you with warm oil and you are relaxed. Clive then said "Oh I am so sorry!" I replied, "don't be silly it's natural!" Clive then replied "is there anything you can do about it?" Being the 18 year old pup I was I simply replied "no" as I did not quite get his drift yet, until he said, "not even for a little bit extra?" A little bit extra?! Are you having a laugh?! You are paying 90 pounds for an hour massage in a 5* hotel and you are asking me for a nosh for a little bit extra! Have a laugh!! I replied, "ummmm no!"
I carried on the massage and after it I went straight to my manager to tell her. She was disgusted and immediately black listed him. I watched him walk out and the prick did not even leave me a tip. Bastard.

The next was a sexy Italian pilot who lived in Mayfair and was a gazillionaire! I was besotted by him. He was tall, dark, handsome and smelt of the most amazing aftershave! It was about 4/5 months into my time at the Spa when I first met him. One of my colleagues would massage him as a regular when he was back from being abroad. As a pilot he travelled a lot. He saw me one day and we got speaking after I delivered him a cup of peppermint tea in the Spa's calm room. A week later I saw he was booked in with me. I asked the receptionist why and told her it must be a mistake as he is always booked in with *Sandy. The receptionist told me he requested me. Wow. 

The day came when Mr Stallion would be my client. I welcomed him into my warm, nice smelling room and he got onto the bed and told me exactly how he liked to be massaged. As he was a pilot and sat a lot, he got a lot of tension in his bum and loved it being massaged. If it were anyone else, I would have been grossed out but he had the ass of a love god! After the massage he thanked me and gave me a very generous tip and re booked two weeks later. 

About 4 massages later he was back again and after finishing his back I had him turn over so I could massage his front. As I was massaging one of his arms he opened his eyes and just stared at me. I politely smiled. He told me I had great hands, I politely said thank you. He told me I was pretty, I politely giggled and said thank you. He then grabbed me by the neck and kissed me gently on the lips, I politely kissed back. Things did not carry on politely after that lets put it that way. It was a very happy ending for us both that day. 

Today I went for a massage. Now because I know the way a massage should be given, I am very critical and will say if the pressure is not to my liking etc. The pressure was perfect, this woman had the hands of an angel. I was lying on my front and she was massaging the back of my legs. She used a lot of oil which did not bother me. As she was doing the top of my leg I felt her getting very close to my vagina. I was very relaxed until I felt a finger somewhere it should not have been. Now I am not sure if it was by mistake slippage due to indubious amounts of oil or if she purposely did it just to cop a feel but she was very apologetic once I shot up in suprise! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a full on finger blasting session, but there was finger, near clit, in vagina, during a massage. I couldn't really relax after that.

I turned over and she sits down at the head of the bed to do my chest, face and head. Her angel hands were then sliding around my neck and chest and down my cleavage and around my breasts. I did not ask for my breasts to be massaged, nor did I stop her because actually it did not feel dirty or turn me on like if a guy was doing it, but I felt relaxed, so much so I dozed off. A little while later she woke me up as the massage was over. She left the room to bring me some water. As she came back she handed me the water and smiled and said she hoped to see me again. I felt really awkward. Did she want me to come back so she could have a hot pilot session with me? I left in a hurry without leaving a tip, now I know how Clive felt!

If you have any similar stories I would love to hear them!

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..x


  1. I think, if it just happens with both participants happy then it's okay (providing your manager didn't find out!). For the lady to make you feel awkward was crossing that line of innocence, so maybe the "mixing business with pleasure" phrase can be a dangerous path. x

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