Monday, 8 April 2013

The Morning After

Have you ever woken up in the morning, given a stretch to find you have slapped someone in the face? Yeah, I'm sure a lot of you have. You jolt up wondering what stranger has made it into your room in the middle of the night. Then you remember your night of excessive drinking and dancing on a bar and that explains the stranger in your bed.

It shouldn't be unexpected though. When the stranger from the bar makes it back to your bed, you know you were asking for it. You purposely shaved your legs and vagina just knowing you would get laid that night if its the last thing you do!

Ok I'm not saying it always is a stranger, you may have willingly and openly volunteered to take this lovely specimen of man home and treat him well but when you see him there, what do you do?

Do you stare at him? Do you put your head on his chest for a cuddle? Do you give him a nosh to wake him up?

Firstly do not jump up screaming, you won't have a heart attack yourself but you will probably give him one too.
He's been inside of you for probably a good few hours and made you cum at least once, don't kill the poor sod!

Don't stare. If he wakes up to find you staring at him he will freak thinking you are that stalker bitch kind of girl.

Assess the situation, have you woken up and thought FUCK MY LIFE I HATE MY BEER GOGGLES?! If so try and make him leave but in a nice way. Even if your day planned involves nothing but catching up on the Hollyoaks omnibus lying on the couch, make him aware you have places to go and people to see. He will get the hint. But at least have manners and thank him for the orgasm (if he gave you one!)

If you wake up, look over and see this beautiful Adonis that you want to go again for, first things first, go to the toilet and sort your face out, oh and brush your teeth. No one likes morning mouth. When he wakes, offer him breakfast, men love two things in life.. Food and women. So a woman cooking for a man is a major plus In his eyes!

Only give him a morning nosh to wake him up if you want him to stay and you have woken up and his hotness has made you wet between the legs. Then after that it is definitely worth cuddling!

One piece of advice, if you are that drunk try not to go to someone else's bed, I did it once and basically got strangled in the middle of the night as he got a fright. (He made up for it in the morning though!)

I'd love to hear some funny morning after stories from you all.
Woken up with jizz stuck to your face or mascara smudged across your eyes? Get in touch!

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Lots of love

Little Miss V.. x

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