Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Naked Disney Dudes!

So, a friend of mine sent me a link from Jezebel featuring pictures of Disney Dudes and what they look like naked.
I forwarded the link to my best friend and even though a cartoon, we were discussing which ones we would and wouldn’t have. It was as if we were discussing real men! Let me tell you, it shows different length, girth, tone, veins, pube sitch, etc and it totally matches their personalities, and we all know guys like it. So I have written up my own version of each guy.

So let’s start with Gaston.. We all know him from Beauty and the Beast to be the manly one all the ladies want, but not Belle. And now we know why. His over confidence is to make up for the lack of dick! He is the type that shaves off all his pubes to make it look bigger and better. Doesn't work mate, my thumb is still bigger.

Next, we have another dude from Beauty and the Beast and it is the beast himself, aka, Prince Adam. One of those dicks you are disappointed to see. Pretty gross If you ask me, especially when flaccid, un-cut and covered in pubes. The type you deffo don’t wanna suck off.

Prince Eric, the handsome guy you see out and just already know he is going to have a dick that suits you perfectly. You know, good size, looks way better when erect and not too much bush and you know once inside you, you are in for a good time.

Here we have Prince Ferdinand, the love of Snow White’s life. Posing by Snow White’s wishing well, he is the type waiting for you to come and ride his average sized, uncut dick. Nothing special about his dick but his swag and attitude is what will draw you in and you will still have fun, even if he doesn’t make you cum first time round.

Ahh, Prince Charming. He is sweet, funny, good looking and oh, would you believe it, has a beautiful penis. You know what I mean, the type you look at and think, ‘ah, god created you for me.’ Its long and thick but not too long and thick and you are more than happy to go down on him as he is perfectly groomed too. Why aren’t there more of these types in the world?

As we continue, we get to Li Shang. You look at this type of guy, muscly and think. ‘Yeah I reckon he has a nice sized dick’ then you are terribly disappointed when you see it. It’s an average size penis and hangs down over his tiny ball sack that is smaller than marbles and makes you wonder why he even has a ball sack.

Sleeping beauty probably gets woken up by Prince Phillip quite often as you can tell he is a little horny motherfucker. This ginger cutie has a dick that will reach your gspot but if you have a wide set vagina, don’t bother. His dick is long and knows how to bang you and charm you at the same time.

Prince Ali NOT so fabulous as he Ali ah BORINGGGGG! He is like a magic lamp, you need to rub it to get it to do anything. One of those ugly looking dicks with really hairy, large balls. A Grow-er, not a show-er.

Oh Jonny boyyyy, come here loverrrrr. A circumcised beauty in all his glory. Tall, good looking, manly and proud of his manhood. He can paint all the colours of the wind with that large paintbrush. He will give it to you good ladies.

Have you ever hooked up with a guy and then he got his dick out and you just laughed in his face? Yeah, it kinda happened to me once and his dick looked like Prince Hans here, if Hook loses another hand by a crocodile, he will know where to come for another Hook. Don’t bother with this one ladies, he is the type that will sext you a dick pic from the bottom so you think it looks good. Lies. All lies!

Here is Kristoff, the dick you dread. The chode. Small and fat but with big manly balls. Stay away from me Kristoff types. Amen. Thank you.

Last but not least, we have Flynn who is deffo a Ryder! Not the most good looking of dicks but it is the one that he can make move on it’s own like a party trick. It has a little curve but you are cool with it cos his swag and cool vibe will make you want him, and want more. Plus, he shaves his pubes to look like his goatee.
Hope you enjoyed!

Love Little Miss V.. x



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