Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Dick A Week!

You probably clicked on this in hopes of reading that I get a dick a week. Steady on, I'm not that easy. But the title is true. You see, having a blog like this and having an email address makes some guys think that it is ok to send me dick pictures. Sorry, my profile says about who I am and what I do, not 'please go ahead and send me a picture of your wrinkled, shrivelled up man package.'

When did it become socially ok to just randomly send someone, who you don't even know, a picture of your private parts? Don't get me wrong, I have sent a few pictures in my time but usually to guys I am having a sexual relationship with at the time. There are a lot of internet trolls out there and you need to know the person you are sending pictures to as you never know where they will end up otherwise.

I think it is actually great when couples send each other dirty pictures of themselves. A recent survey conducted revealed that 36% of women are sending or posting nude images of ourselves to guys. 72% send them to be 'fun or flirtatious', and 59% will send snaps as a sexy present for their boyfriend. For a lot of us, sexting can help keep the relationship going, especially when it is long distance and you aren’t able to see each other as often as you would like to or you might just miss each other and want to let them know what they will be coming home to, and that is FINE! What is not fine is when people decide to share these pictures with other people. If I send you a racy picture, it is because I trust you, and trust you not to share it with your group of boys.

Personally, I see "sexting" as a harmelss bit of fun. Girls, if you want to message a guy naughty words and tell him all the things you want to do to him, DO IT! Boys, if you want to send a picture of your jolly rancher to a girl, DO IT! If you are going to say things, live up to it. No point being all mouth. (Well, depends where your mouth is going to be!)

The thing I find amusing about sexting are the ‘talkers’ and when it comes to it, they are for sure not ‘doers.’ For example, I met this guy once and our chat instantly became very flirty and he would message me all the things he ‘wanted to do to me.’ When it came to it, it was one of the worst shags of my life. He was all talk, well, all message. It is very easy to type something reckless…crazy…risqué…yes you see the words, but most of us feel less of a commitment emotionally to the written word. Many men can write the words “I love you” in a valentine’s card or in a text message, but actually saying those three little words out loud, no chance!! In much the same way, writing down what you would like to do sexually is a lot easier than saying it. I mean, whilst in the bedroom, could you actually imagine saying out loud the filthy things you can say in a message? No, me neither!

So from this post, guys, please don’t use this as an opportunity to attempt to send me a picture of your little friend. If I want it, I will ask for it!
I would love to know if any of you have any funny stories in regards to ‘sexting!’

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