Monday, 12 October 2009

How I Love A Weekend!

Hey friends!
So, i had a great weekend!
Saturday day, i started my threading course. Not as in knitting but hair threading. It was so hard but was nice to learn and next Sat is my last day!
Saturday night I went clubbing to Vendome, in Mayfair. My friend Amy and I got rather boot legged and had great fun. We then went onto The Mayfair Bar. This was great fun for me as the bar is in the Mayfair Hotel where I used to work! Free Champagne rocks, thanks Rohan. My good friend Everson still works there and he told me he is getting married soon so I can't wait for that. There is a new guy there called Chris, who I must say is Gorgeous!! The girls there rocked too!!
Sunday was lazy day. spent most of my day in bed which was awesome.In the evening I went over to watch X factor with my best friend Richard and had such a laugh with him and Amy and Amir. Good times!
Its now Monday and back at work.. sucks!

Any way, till the next post..

Little Miss v xx

PS.. If your ever looking for a nice bar to hang out in, I highly recommend The Mayfair Bar.. They do the best Mojitos!! :-)

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