Thursday, 1 October 2009

Your over him, but he wants you back.....

So, what happens when you finally get over your ex boyfriend, you've moved on and now he wants you back!?
This is one of the things will frustrate us girls more than anything. Its always the "what you want you can't have" scenario that make you want some one more.
Its happened to me. I was obsessed with a boyfriend for years after we broke up! Then, when I finally grew up and was over it, he was on me like a rash. Felt so good getting the power and doing things my way!

So now, its a problem for a friend of mine. She was with her boyfriend for a year, they broke up and now she has a new guy. Her ex has found out and has got in contact with her and told her he is still in love with her. She knows she will always love him but now she has her new guy, so, what to do?

In my opinion, an ex is an ex for a reason. There was clearly something not right there. One of you screwed up. I think the reason we always go back to an ex is because we are used to them. We know their ups and downs and flaws but we loved that about them.
My advice to my friend was to see how it goes with this guy, he could be her prince charming. She could leave him and go back to her ex but things could once again not work out and then she would have lost both men!

Good luck!!

Little Miss V xx

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  1. ywa your 100% right, what i say is never go back to a pervious partner because it never works out even when you get older like parents, if something happens in there marrage one of them is not happy and ants to break it off and the other is like no, then there is always going to be conflict.

    so again i would say to your friend just ignore the ex and be happy with her new boyfriend x