Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We are young..

The sun was shining So I invited a friend of mine round to join me in a sunbathing session in my garden. I made us a jug of cold lemon and mint juice, got the oil out and put on the tunes.

During our lengthy chat about work and our newest boy-toys we started to reminisce about our youth. Back to the times at a school party where you would dance with a boy but obviously be about four steps apart and just about reach his shoulders. Or your first kiss at an 'evening in.' Or the activities that took place without your parents knowing.

The giggling took over me when I started to remember the things that went on at the evenings in I attended. My first one was the last day of year 6! It was at my friend Mel's house. I was 11 years old, but already felt way older than I was. I shared my first ever kiss with Dean. Dean was the boy all the girls at school loved when he moved to our school in year 4 from South Africa and he was my first kiss. Such a dreamy boy. Such an awful kiss. The mix of gherkins and salt and vinegar in our mouths is a taste that will linger with me for years to come.

At my next evening in at age 12, I ended up in the toilet snogging Daniel whilst he touched my boobies (at that age they are called boobies!) I will never forget the way he held on to them (and by them I mean I had full on B cup breasts.) The way he grabbed them and pushed them around was as if he was honking a horn. At 12, he already had the horn. Or maybe that was me. Spin the bottle was always a popular game. Always a lot of fun until the spotty minger of the group spins you and you HAVE to kiss him. I will never forget one boy that I was made to kiss. I remember trying to back out but my friends telling me I was a bitch if I didn't kiss him. Maybe that's where my bitch tendencies started?! Anywho, I was leaning in and from the corner of my eye saw a pus spot by his mouth and gagged in his face. After that night, I could not look him in the eye, or spot, at school.

By the time I reached year 8 (12,13 years old) I had attended many an evening in. One I will always remember was at Dean's (my first kiss) house. Everyone was there and there were lots of snacks and drinks out and of course, all the girls dressed to impress (aka bandana tops and flared trousers) oh braided hair thanks to Sarah! Half an hour into the evening, I was blindfolded (always knew I was kinky) and all the boys lined up and had to in turn, kiss me. They each had a number and I had to chose who was the best. Sorry, who even made up this game? Well, I wasn't bothered. At the age of 13 I had kissed all the hotties in my school. Go me.

The phase of an evening in soon ended and my best friend Vicky and I would tell our mums we were having dinner with friends but really we were getting on a tube with our fake ID's to Kings Cross to go to a fun bar called backpackers. We would drink vodka and get put on the "dentist chair" which was pushed back and you were fed shots through a tube! It was there I met my first boyfriend Ollie and Vicky went out with his best friend Tom. We would get the tube to Highgate where they lived to hang out with them. I will never forget telling Vicky that I hated the way Ollie kissed and that I thought Tom was hot and wanted to swap! (swingers at aged 14!)

At the age of 15, I went out with my sister to a night club in Central London. It was a celebrity party too and I met Raghav and Jay Sean! I was way too cool to attend such childish house events anymore. I was hanging out with the rich and famous!

If only our mothers knew then what we were up to... Oh how fun it was to be young..

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