Thursday, 25 April 2013

Spooning Always Leads To Forking!

So the other night I was out at a bar with friends when we got onto the topic of 'sexual positions!'
As a sex/relationship/dating blogger, people seem to think I know every position out there. Relax, I am not the Kama sodding Sutra!

It was funny because one of my friends started telling me a few positions which I thought were jokes, they in fact were not. Take the "Spiderman" for example.. The guy bangs the girl really hard, any position he wants then when he is about to cum, stands on top of her, does the Spiderman hand gesture (as if his spider web was to fly out) and jizzes all over his girl. Delightful!

So then we started to all talk about positions we like and only the girls got their say and what we like. Because let's be honest, us women should tell our men what we want. We love sex just as much as they do, sometimes we like it and want it more than they do.

So we came up with our top 5 positions..

1) Missionary - How can you not like missionary? It is how you first started out. Woman on her back, legs slightly apart. Man on top between her thighs. He supports himself on his arms so he can look down to her and she can use her arms to squeeze his ass and guide the movement so it's just how she likes it. From here he can easily slide in and out of her and she can lie back and enjoy it but also move her legs up, holding them or putting them on his shoulders.

2) Doggy Style - The Doggy Style sex position is an absolute classic and, like it or loathe it, it's one that's in every girl's sexual repertoire. She's on all fours. In order to hold her balance, she shifts her weight off her hands back towards her partner - she can use a rocking motion to get the rhythm she wants. He kneels directly behind her and holds her hips firmly to control the thrusts. Look back at your partner with dirty sex eyes, he will love it, oh and if you like it rough, tell him to push your head down and pull your hair - will make him go wild. Avoid doing Doggy on a carpet, the burns are not fun!

3) The Butterfly - The key to the Butterfly sex position is the angle. She lies on her back on the edge of a suitable piece of furniture (bed, table etc). He stands before her and she slips her legs over his shoulders. She puts her arms and hands down so she can lift her hips up while he grabs her ass to give her added lift. As long as he's strong enough he can then move into her at the perfect angle.

4) Cowgirl/ Reverse Cowgirl - Yeee haaa!! Ride him cowgirl! The Cowgirl/ Reverse Cowgirl is probably one of the most exciting sex positions. The man lies on his back and the woman kneels over him so he can enter her. She can bob up and down supporting her weight with her hands on his thighs and he can help by lifting her hips as she moves. They can both reach each others key pleasure zones for a bit of a play too if they like.

5) The Padlock - The girl climbs onto a high piece of furniture (work desk, kitchen counter, washing machine ...), sits down on the edge and supports herself with the arms behind her. He stands before her and she wraps her legs firmly around his hips as he leans in to penetrate her in the Padlock sex position.
They can look into each other eyes as he uses grips her bottom to control the momentum. Time with the spin cycle for added "ohhhh".


Don't forget kids, spooning always leads to forking!
Share with me your favourite positions..
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Lotsa love..
Little Miss V..x 

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